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Our history

If we talk about the houses, we must talk, inevitably of Julián Machín.

It has passed almost one century since granddad Julián, the son of a period of poverty and sacrifices, of austerity and shortage, started to build, in the early twetieth century, from a small warehouse, what is today this Rural Complex.
Those were years of migration, of necessity and fight, where granddad Julián and grandmummy María, brought up their home project.

Their sons, Leonor, Facunda, Mauro and Lolita came to this world under the protection of those stone walls.

With them, the home also grows, and the upper structure of the house is completed with the bedrooms and the kitchen.

The stable, the cowshed and the tools`room, where today stands the country house which takes the name of their first-born, grandmother Leonor; a brave, independent and ahead of her age woman.

Years of abandonment and the inexorable passing of time, were about to destroy all this memory.

Fortunately, in 2004 starts on the housing´s restoration project. As a result, we can enjoy today all the comforts of our time, in a setting which has preserved its rural and austere essence, with the premise of respecting the singular and traditional arquitecture of the island of El Hierro, that can be appreciated in the half point tops, the recovery of the door-windows, or in the preservation of the essential so called “aljibe” of this island.

As in those years, almost a century ago, and as all that imbues life in this island, there is always much left to do. We know it…, there is always something left to do, and we are always starting something. We just expect to be up to this project.

With these lines, we try to pay an austere and sincere tribute to both.

Thank you granddad Julián… and thank you grandmother Leonor.

For everything.