Grandpa Julián’s house

|Grandpa Julián’s house

This is the original housing, built in the early twentieth century from the old warehouse, which currently forms the ground floor of the country house. It has been restored and conditioned to Country House since 2005, preserving the traditional architectural style of the island of El Hierro, that can be appreciated in the half point tops, the door-windows, or in the preservation of the ancient well called ” aljibe “, under the house’s dining room.

The house includes two double bedrooms and two bathrooms, one in each floor; besides, the upper floor, the main area of ​​the housing, has a wide kitchen / living room, a dining room and reading area, all of them restored out of its original materials.
It has a constructed area of ​​approximately 84 square meters on the upper floor, 45 square meters on the ground floor, and a terrace of more than 80 square meters. From this terrace, one can go for a relaxing walk through the fruit-bearing areas that make up the environment of the housing, and enjoy the amazing overlooks of the sea, with the islands of La Gomera and Tenerife in the background.



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